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Rainbow Artists

Women's Art Collective

About Rainbow Artists

Rainbow Artists is a New Mexico based, multiracial, multicultural, multigenerational women's art collective organized to support and promote one another as we work in our various art forms. We believe that our association will enhance our creativity and our community.

We continually work to improve our art, our relationship with one another, and our association with the community. Working together, we hope not only to gain financial support and recognition for our individual art forms, but to create projects which benefit our group and our community as a whole. Our work in the community has been recognized with a Bravo Award for Outstanding Arts Organization in 2003 and the Dr. Martin Luther King award, also in 2003, for service to the community. In January 2000 we celebrated twenty years of bringing women's art to the community.

Rainbow Artists' purpose is simple: to support all women in pursuing their creativity.

The organization is open to all who endorse our philosophies. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at OFFCenter Community Arts, 808 Park Ave. SW in Albuquerque and are open to the public. For more information about meetings or membership contact joanf41@gmail.com.

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